Il romanzo ‘L’Oceano nel Pozzo’ dello scrittore barcellonese Nino Famà, da anni trapiantato in Canada, è stato pubblicato nei giorni scorsi in lingua inglese da Guernica Editions con la traduzione curata da Damiano Pietropaolo. 

Una bellissima notizia per un’opera che nel maggio del 2014 fu presentata anche a Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto presso l’Auditorium Oasi e che adesso potrà essere letta ed apprezzata in tantissime parti del mondo con il titolo ‘The Ocean in the Well. Un romanzo che parla di emigrazione siciliana negli Stati Uniti d’America e ci porta alla riscoperta di quei valori che sembrano perduti: amicizia, solidarietà, amore, famiglia. Un testo importante anche sotto il profilo sociale oltre che storico.

This is the story of a struggle between love for God and love of a woman. The reader is immersed in the whirlwind of passions, upheavals and feelings of guilt that overwhelm Stefano, the novel’s protagonist. What happens when a dream becomes a nightmare? Stefano is put to the test in a series of events that toss him from the seminary to a great love story, from Italy to New York, from a humble job to the clutches of the American underworld. The emotional disturbance created in Stefano’s mind pushes him to re-evaluate the meaning of things, of life itself. For him, these are times of profound and heartfelt reflections on human relationships, on one’s existence, on the before and the after, on the self and on the other. He asks himself: “Am I the criminal lying in this cell, or the shy, generous and selfless boy from the seminary?”


“So many years gone by! Was it centuries or only a moment? Time, lying in ambush, always ready to strike, pierced through the dilapidated walls, skewering Stefano’s heart with each of its thrusts. How many springs, how many summers captured in an eternal moment! How many times had he dreamed of the door that opened the way beyond those walls, only to see it move away to a different place every time he came close to it, leaving him panic stricken, his eyes like the gaze of an animal frozen in fear.”

Guernica Editions, Spring 2021

208 pages

Trade Paperback

ISBN13: 9781771836401

ISBN10: 1771836407


Translated from the Italian by  Damiano Pietropaolo.

$20.00 Canada, $17.95 US, £9.95 UK